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Booking My Services for your photography


Bookings for Wedding, Portraits PR and Event Bookings - The Process  

Availability and Pre Booking Meetings

Following an initial conversation when the broad requirements are discussed, I will be able to confirm my general availability for the date and time you are considering.  Once you are clear that my service matches what you are looking for I can also indicate whether there is pressure on the date and a need for an early confirmation.  

While most clients visit me at my base, we also use our web site and email as well as telephone and post to facilitate bookings for those unable to visit, particular those living outside the UK .  

Provisional Booking  

These are not usually offered but where accepted, a firm verbal/emailed booking will hold the required date and time for 1-2 days while a firm order and related payment is in the post.  

Firm Order  

When the requirements are established, terms presented and the decision is made, my attendance at your wedding, portrait session or event is booked by delivering to me a completed agreement form with the initial fee.  I firmly assign my time to your wedding on receipt and acceptance of the completed agreement set.  

Prices and Quotations  

Prices quoted are subject to confirmation at time of order and subject to change prior to an accepted order.  Albums, extra photographs etc. ordered with the original booking may be offered at a discount to those ordered later.  

Photographs and albums for family and friends or extra photographs for the couple can be ordered both before and after the event.  Some of my customers come back with supplementary orders months or years after the wedding.  Photograph prices as set out in the order form are held for a time after the event as noted, thereafter these items are priced as at the time of their order.

See Contacts for enquiry forms and details

Bookings for Photography Tutorials

Once you have decided to use me as your tutor, tutorials and courses are usually booked in terms of a number of hours, with one or two sessions ahead firmly scheduled.  The flexible nature of the service enable you to elect to book one session ahead at a time or to commit to a series (where a lesser fee may apply).  Following initial tutorials clients can elect to take my ultra flexible service whereby they can supplement the more formal tutorial sessions by contact me by phone, email or call for advice / input in small units of time.  Such services are at a small premium and charged by the minute as used - whether in discussion, preparation or follow up.


Majken Kruse