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Majken Kruse ABIPP         Photographer and Tutor


Papers and Articles


Majken has collated a number of papers and articles related to photography, weddings, social events and associated topics and placed them in relevant section in this web site

This page provides a direct index to those articles. Click on the title or the navigation button on the left to access the article/paper:

Wedding Day Planning - Much can be done to optimise your wedding day programme for photography but too much emphasis on photography can spoil other elements of the day. This paper looks at planning the wedding day to get the appropriate balance between you objectives from the photography and the natural flow of the day for you and your guests.  Helping you avoid some of the pitfalls.

Western Daily Press - a view of Majken Kruse as a photographer for portraits, weddings and people photography; by Ruth Wood, published in the Western Daily Press

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