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Personal Photography Tutorials - Improve as a photographer

One on One Classes, Photography Tuition / Mentoring - for professional, business and amateur photographers - improving your photography - personal tuition plus online/phone follow up options


Majken Kruse ABIPP * -  professional photographer - your photography tutor and mentor

* Also qualified as an ARPS

Photographer and photography tutor & mentor - Majken Kruse


Learning to be a more effective photographer - both taking photographs and photography as a business 

Are you seeking to improve your skills as a photographer, in creative photography, in photography as a business or in photography as part of a business role?  I provide classes / tutorials for photographers who understand and have practiced photography and are looking to improve their performance in photographing weddings, portraits and social/business events - photographing people, photographing animals and photographing locations and art. Tutorials are normally one on one but can be for a couple if relevant. The most popular theme is photographing people, though I also cover photography of landscapes, property, art and animals - where I also have personal experience.

Each tuition session is typically for two + hours and the content and length of each session is tailored to your requirements and level of development.  Tutorials are normally held at my base in Esher, Elmbridge, Surrey - local for London and Surrey clients but quite accessible for the Home Counties.  I have a flexible approach mainly providing the service at my base, but I can also visit you.  Tuition schedules are adapted to your availability and locations.  Remote sessions using web and phone can be used along side the face to face teaching, for those living and/or working further a field - especially after the first session and when reviewing assignments.  These remote sessions are also valuable for those seeking brief reminders/assistance between sessions or when later photographing alone. Most tutorials are taken on a one to one or one to two basis.    

Topics are selected to match your needs.  Those covered include, among others:  

Composition, selection of photographs, use of light, helping subjects to relax and bring their best to the photography, critiques of your work, developing your style and eye for a good photograph, the management of the wedding or portrait session, photography as a business, use of computers and editing tools, applying technology, use of camera features and digital editing, working with professional printers and media choice.

An important part of the learning process involves those taking the course taking photographs as an assignment (before and between tutorial sessions).   Such assignments can be part of your regular photographic work or targeted photography as part of the tuition process. These are critiqued and discussed at the next teaching session.  These help focus the tutorials on your skills and development. While most sessions are concerned with taking photographs and handling the subjects I can also cover commercial aspects of professional photography.

Types of photography that can be covered based on my experience include, weddings, portraits, business meetings and events, PR, web sites, landscapes, pets and wild animals, buildings and public areas. My work in these fields is illustrated in the photographs sections of this site as well on selected other pages.

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I also provide extensions to tutorials through advising you on one or more of your projects. I provide a mentoring follow up service for tutorial clients who need brief advice - using phone, email or meetings.

Client comment on Majken's tutorials / courses:

"Just a brief note to thank you for an inspirational day and may I say what a great teacher you are"  UD, Hampshire;  see also: General photography client references

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